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KingsClass Global Investment limited is a world class company you can dream to work with

we offer quick & powerful logistics solution

KingsClass Global Investment Limited your best company Ever.

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Why Choose Us ?

KingsClass Global Investment Limited is your best Choice to deal with.

  • Customer Guidance on Business handling .
  • We deliver you services at your own pace .
  • We are strategically located to reach us .
  • Our working hours always suit both busy traders who have a lot to work on.
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Ware House

Ware provide Warehousing services to the goods their owners have delayed to come and pick.

Road Freight

We offer road freight services to our customers.Goods are delivered to doorstep.

Sea Freight

Sea cargo is always heavy that is why always use ships to ferry it this to uganda.

Air Freight

This helps in faster delivery of goods and services to their destination since its more faster

Our Location

We are strategically located making it easy to acess us.

Latest News

We always update our custmers for the laest news when its necesay .

24/7 Support

We give maximum support to our clients since we suit their needs.

Fast Delevery

We have enough carraige that help us move goods at a right time of the day.

we provide international freight & logistics service worldwidw

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