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About kingsklass Global investment limited

We provide daily shipment tracking update on consignments from collections to delivery

KingsKlass Global Investments Limited is ever shriving company formed and incorporated under the laws of Uganda in 2018 with the aim of providing one stop business solutions in the areas of logistics, out sourcing and international supply chain.Apparently operating in all customs entry boarder points such as \Malaba, Busia, Elgo in South Sudan, Katuna in Uganda –Rwanda boarder, Mutukula in Uganda –Tanzania boarder, Mombasa port as well as Entebbe international Airport and still expanding. King Klass Global Investments Limited boasts of well assembled team of dedicated professionals with proven track record and experience in logistics and various customs procedures such as IT Team, Filed services teams (operations), sales teams, customs declaration teams etc. Kingsklass Global Investments Limited commands technical know how to handle any kind of cargo while ensuring speed and accuracy.

Kinsklass with its speed and accuracy has been able to clear and cargo to it's predfined clients above with the team of professional experienced workers who are able to deliver services as required by law.

Our Mission

“To build a business conglomerate through a team of Experts by demonstrating excellence and competence in providing tailor made solutions”.

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Our Vision

To provide a leading edge in all fields.

  • Team work.
  • Integrity.
  • Professionalism.
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Government and Diplomatic cargo handling

King Klass Global Investment limited works in hand with the governnment of uganda through Uganda revenue authority to handle cargo.

Customs clearance and documentation

We prepare and submit documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country representing clieent during customs examination,assessment,payment of duty and co taking of cargo from customs after clearence along with documents

Oil and gas handling

Kings Klass Global Investment limited has proven Experience and commitment to oil and gas industry with special focus to serve higly demanded upstream part of the business

Imports and exports clearance

The imported goods before clearence for home consumption or for warehousing are required to comply with prescribed formalities..These documents are verified for correctness of assessment of the goods ,if warrnted,'Let Export'is given on the shipping bill.

2018 Kingsklass Global Investment Limited annual report

This is when Our best CEO thought of opening comppany that would change people's lives dealing in shipping of goods

  • Setting up the comapnies Name.
  • Acquiring the trading linces.
  • Registering the company with all the governmnet authorities

2018 Kingsklass Global Investment Limited annual reprot

Since the company had been established the company sat to derive the terms and conditions for the comapany.

  • The company Act of incorperation.
  • Working time.
  • Building up the comapnies relationship with its workers.

2018 KingsClass Global Investment Limited annual report

This year the looked forward to bring in a new fresh blood to work in the company so it had inpart them with the knolwdge and skill to its new workers through training.

  • Acquiring of new Working team.
  • Trainig of the junior workers.
  • Testing of workers ability to work and in interracting with the clients.

2018 Kingsklass Global Investment Limited annual report

KingsClass GLobal Investment limited has been able to conduct many activities towards its steady growth.

  • The company has new condusive offices for the clients
  • The company has been been able to forward clear and containers in time.
  • The company has been able to recieve new clients boosting its growth strategically.

Otukei Joseph Billy

Company CEO

Kutegeka Moreen

Assistant CEO

Okurut Isaac

Customs Declarant

Sentalo alex

Customs Declarant

Apon Agnes

Customs Declarant

odong gilbert


Our Location

We are located in Kinawakata Rd,kamapala and railway which provides cheap transport means to our customers.

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We always update our customers on progress of their packages.

24/7 Support

We ensure clear following of packages untill they reach our final customers.

Fast Delevery

We have enough of transportation means to deliver our clients house.

we provide international freight & logistics service worldwide

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What our Expert Team Say

I believe in teamwork and i always engage my workmates in every activity in our company.

Outeke joseph billy

Company CEO

We are a company of complete intergrity and above all deliver to our best.

Kutegeka Moreen

Assistant Company CEO

I believe in professionalism and this has helped us build a strong ecosystem.

Okurut Isaac

Customs Declarant

Our speed and accuracy ranks us to most high because services are delivered at a right time possible.

Outeke joseph billy

Customs Declarant

Kingsklass makes me have passion for work because of the corperation we have in the company.

Kutegeka moreen

Customs Declarant