Air cargo and Marine cargo clearance

Air cargo and Marine cargo clearance

Kingklass Global investment ltd has a highly efficient network for all air freight needs a wide range of time defined and specialist air cargo services.

We provide flexibility between standardized connections with fixed schedules for cargo movement and evacuation with fixed schedule for cargo movement and evaluation of freight size and budget to decide on the most appropriate cost effectiveness movement to the cargo.

In marine cargo clearance Kingklass investment ltd negotiates states with ocean carriers’ books shipments and prepares imports and exports documentation keeps clients updated with their cargo movement and its destination.

We provide efficient inward and outward air cargo and marine clearance service to East African exporters and importers importing through Nairobi Kenya.

We ensure that there is no mid-point break bulk so that possible chances of freight mishandling can be avoided.The alacrity with which we work shows our ability to handle fragile and sensitive freights.

We have a committed network of integrated air and ground services that enables us to handle from pick up to prompt delivery of your freight and guarantees the same day delivery within uganda and 24hrs Delivery in Kampala.